Our bistro is a family one and we really strive to make you feel at home. I’m back in the kitchen while Terezka does all the serving. We’re happy to get to take care of you. Are you interested in what we make every day?

Preparing our hamburgers

garden bistro
garden bistro u krumlova

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You can also order and carry out your food.

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Fragrant and fresh herbs

We grow them in our garden and pick them when they’re fresh.


Juicy hamburgers

We know exactly what we’re dishing. We make our burgers from juicy American or Irish beef and we mince the meat ourselves. Our buns are also homemade, they smell great, are fluffy, and the buns shine.
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domácí burgery

Homemade pizza

Experience Italy at our campground

Following our tried-and-true pizza recipe, we make pizza with only high-quality, original ingredients. The pizza is thin and crunchy but with a fluffy crust. And the rest of the ingredients are exclusively Italian. The sugo sauce is homemade. Once per week, we organize a Pizza Night, where we bake pizza in our stone oven.
pizza v kempu

Homemade limonades

We make homemade lemonade with seasonal ingredients. 

domácí limošky