Recap of summer season

Well, the summer season…what a ride! Those of you who have been with us and some of you have even experienced it know what I am talking about. We are still full of impressions from the summer but since the beginning of September we have been preparing for the next season. One thing we can say straight away “lesson learned”! Every now and then we go back to all the experiences, mistakes, problems, your suggestions and try to fix them and resolve them for the future. It was an incredible and non-transferable experience, we had to work through it. For example, now we know that there is never enough toilet paper :-), that some 10 days during the season there will be a queue for toilets in the morning and evening, that we are not able to handle more than 150 pizzas per evening, that just every day there will be an unexpected problem that we will have to be able to solve to everyone’s satisfaction. We’ve dealt with car accidents, busted knees, broken cars, hospitals, dentists, vets, stuck vehicles…and much more. Despite all this, you have been writing to us since the summer asking for bookings for next year, for which we are eternally grateful.


We send our greetings from the campsite full of autumn beautiful colours, but we are looking forward to spring and summer again.